Recreation Activities For You And Your Bearded Dragon

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Recreation Activities For You And Your Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons aren’t hyperactive animals with whom you can exercise or train, and they will never chase a ball, or play Fetch with you, but if you want to spend some time with your pet and focus on his recreational activity, there are a few things you could do.

Before you get all recreational with your pet there are a few things you should know, firstly, bearded dragons aren’t toys, they are living creatures, and you have to be careful with them. If he changes his behavior, unexpectedly that means he doesn’t want to play with you, and he wants to be left alone. When your pet gets about 6 inches long, you can start playing with him, but slowly and not that long, when he is twice as long you can take him for a walk.

  1. Walking with your pet. If you decide to take your bearded dragon for a walk, make sure the place you are
    taking him to is people, pet, and predators-free. The walking area should also be free of chemicals and pesticides, the temperature shouldn’t be too cold, and your pet always has to have a place to hide from the sun. There won’t be as mush walking as they will be observing of the world around him but you have to be patient, it is a big world for such a small cute creature.
  2. Observation of your pet’s colors. Lizards, in general, change their color┬ámultiple times over the week course, and it can be fascinating for their owners. Try to keep track of your lizard and capture the moment in which it changes color, it will make an excellent photo album to show to your friends. When you finish your experiment, try to determine which factors affected the color change.
  3. Bearded dragons make great models. They are the perfect animals for modeling, set up a themed scenery behind him and capture the moments. You can even make a short movie with your pet in the lead role if he is a gifted actor. Photo shoot with your little buddy is the most interesting thing you could do. Just imagine your bearded dragon in the role of an astronaut on the moon or a surfer on the beach, funny, isn’t it? And you will have pictures to laugh at with your friends and family.

As mentioned above, bearded dragons are sensible creatures, which means there is a ton of things that could go wrong when you are playing with your friend, your pet could change his behavior or stop eating which could be a sign of illness. Here is an excellent article to read if your bearded dragon isn’t eating and it can be helpful for any lizard owner: Also, make sure you wash your hands after playing with your pet and keep him nowhere near the food, kitchen counters and tables should be a restricted area for him especially if you have children.

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